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European Winter Market

Since December 2016 a new urban market is launched in the heart of Brussels. “European Winter Market” is an experimental market experience on Place Jean Rey, in the European quarter. This is an experiment to test new uses for this public space and to build a more desirable neighbourhood. The innovative setting of the market and its amenities will increase the attractiveness of Place Jean Rey during winter times.
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European cooking event

Since the summer of 2016, eQuama organises culinary workshops on Place Jean Rey, in the heart of the European quarter.

“European cooking” is an experimental culinary experience offering the possibility to Brussels citizens, expats, tourists and residents to share a table, a barbeque and recipes.

The events are organised after business hours in a convivial and festive setting.  Each event  highlights recipes from a different European country, offering the possibility to particpants to recreate these recipes with belgian products, under the guidance of a professional chef/blogger.



The European canteen tables, which have marked the public spaces of the European quarter for several seasons have temporarily been installed at the new offices of in Rue Namur.

The tables are installed on the ground floor and are used as lunch space, but equally for workshops and seminars.

In the meantime, eQuama is developing a brother or sister for European canteen which will be installed in the European quarter in the summer of 2017!
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